Monday, 8 June 2009

Reverse phone detective scam?

I have searched for some reverse phone lookup services. And Reverse Phone Detective gave me a great impression. Why? Because I used this service several weeks ago.
Nowadays there are quite a lot of scams, actually I met one just before I used reverse phone detective. That is a pure scam(I don't want to mention the company's name, but that company's name started with a "s"), I ordered that service, I paid money by credit card, and I when I enter that phone, it told me: that number was not in its database. Just before I gave up, I entered a big company's number that can be found everywhere. But guess what? The answer is the same! Not in the database!!
Then I found this: Reverse phone detective. Yes it was boastful and it boasted a lot.
It said you can get everything. With that service, you will know that person's name, adress, even who is his/her co-worker or relative and etc. And you have nearly 100% sure to get that information.
Seems like a scam? huh?
That was before I tried it. I found it cost not much money so I registered. I had 3 phone numbers to detect in total.
just within one or two minutes, I finished searching. And the better thing is, I know I won't need to worry any more.

Yes this is the reverse phone detective review. Though it's not professional at all, it's my true feeling and I hope this little article can help you too.

Want to find that person in just seconds?
Click here reverse phone detective or the picture to register!

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

When you need to use A reverse cell phone lookup service?

Reverse phone lookup is a trace back of a phone number to find useful information.
When you need such a reverse phone lookup services?
1. Someone calls you again and again when you are asleep or just go away. Or it has interrupted your daily life but when you happened to get the call, he/she hangs off the phone.
2. Possible affair
Then there is A MUST to use a reverse phone lookup service because of two possibilities, one is there is an affair, in this situation, you need to find who she/he is and get evidences for that, then you should have a long communication with your partner about this. But if that is the other situation that you thought it was an affair but it turned out not. How can you know that? You can only need Reverse phone lookup service to help you.
3. The number is obsolete
The number is obsolete but you want to connect to her/him in emergency. Or you know a number is important but you forgot her/him name or information. Now you can find your friends or relatives' new phone number or his/her more information through this service.

How to find a Reverse Number Look up For A Cell Phone

Now if you want to find a qualified reverse number look up website or service. Keep them in mind:
1. It will tell you the location where the cell phone owner located. If he/she is located too far away, then you don't need to worry more.
2. If will tell you the exact place where the number located, because that's a valuable information that enable you to find that person if necessary.
3. It will give you a report that you can download it and save it in your computer or just print it out.
4. It will tell you the owner of that cell phone's name and other related information so you can have the information you need.
5. It will take not more than 10 seconds to search through its database and find the exact person for you.
6. The chance you can find the exact number should be more than 90%.

Now you know how to choose a qualified reverse number, we will go on checking if reverse phone lookup is a scam or not.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

What to do if your wife/husband cheat on you?

Now you suspect your wife or husband cheating on you; most situation is you notice a phone number that you didn't familiar with on her or his phone.
First you have to check about who is the owner of that phone number. I have a friend who suspected his husband for nearly a whole year and even prepared to break up with him because of a strange number. Then a year later she happened to know that's a number of his old classmate and a male.
So do not rush to her or him and break up immediately, just try to first find who was that person, a male or female? Where does he/her live? How old is she/he? Seems like stupid questions? But when you know these, things would get quite different. There are several ways to find the person and we'll talk about later in reverse phone lookup review.
If you make sure your wife or husband is cheating on you, search your heart first, why does she/he cheat you? Do you still love her/him? Can you forgive her/him? If you break up with her/him, can you put the whole thing totally behind?
If you know you can't leave her/him, here are some tips to get her/him back:

Let him/her remember the old happy or sorrow times you both have been spent with.

Talk about the children because children are the ones that people always want to take responsibility of and care for them.

Tell her/him straight about the disadvantages of having an affair but in a not serious tone. Just a warning would make him/her feel it's their fault.

Learn from your friends or his/her friend to help you. Or if you don't want to ask the others for help, you can read books about how to get your ex back.

The most important is you should always keep a cool head and think in your partner's situation and build trust gradually.